Are We Awake?

Awaken StretchI just had the most awesome talk, head to head, heart to heart and spirit to spirit with my little man and WOW; inspiration to get off my butt and re-engage in life! It’s funny how things like this happen and those of you with children will know exactly what I’m talking about. We go to “parent them” and share with them of the wisdom we have gained as we have gone through life (wisdom – eloquently describing how many ways we screwed up) and you say that profound thing that is so good it catches YOU off guard; and the person getting the life lesson is you! You have been speaking to God for guidance, inspiration and vision on how to draw closer to Him and His will for you and lo and behold clarity is revealed to you through the innocent heart of a child and their views on life. Incredible! But you may be asking what am I talking about?

I not only talked to my 10 year old son, but prior to that I had a great talk with a great friend of mine who is expecting, along with her husband, their first child. (Isn’t it funny how God blesses the world with children to make US grow up??) During the conversation I was sharing with her this awakening I have had recently and it is truly that; WAKING UP!

Now I can come at you with two “awakening” blessings. Awakening #1 is what I shared with my son. Just the fact that you WAKE UP in the morning is enough to call the day a success; Why is that? Because it means you have another day of this thing called life; you have another opportunity to re-do everything you did wrong yesterday and grow from it; you have another moment to connect with your Maker as well as with others; you have a another shot at making an IMPACT of a divine nature by communicating an awesome piece of knowledge we all have access to but either never hear it nor ever believe it; so I’m here to tell you and hopefully at least get you to start the believing process; Get Ready! If you woke up today, you have the opportunity for a Do-Over; to get it right, not just for you but for all those you need to be in relationship with. Now I’m not saying that you can go out and murder another person today and tomorrow not have to deal with it; I have heard it said “You can choose your sin, but you cannot choose the consequence”. Choode to get up today and focus on today, no more than today. Focus on praying more; smiling more; reaching out to more people; sharing your heart more; sharing your blessings more and living TODAY! One Awakening!

Now Awakening #2 is what I spoke with my friend about and that being the fact when you start looking inside yourself as to why you are like you are, you begin to become more aware of why things ares are like they are outside yourself! Immediate IMPACT can begin inside yourself by choosing to make a difference in your life; Christ came to show us exactly the type difference God the Father had in mind. When we see this, seek this and ask for God’s strength to imitate this, we begin to see how everything we desire and crave out in the world can be received by reaching out and giving what we’ve received to others; sharing our blessings. Giving away the blessings we receive, regardless whether its money, a meal, kind words, your testimony, etc. it will give you a feeling of purpose and self-worth you may have never experienced before! Guess what? Your are AWAKENED! Spiritually awakened; and possibly for the first time you feel ALIVE and YOU ARE!

The reality is you have the choice to wake up again tomorrow, hit the snooze button, begin the same impact free routine you have done everyday for as long as you can remember or you can AWAKEN to Purpose, Will and DIVINE IMPACT in your life by seeking, following and embracing God’s path for you! Let us all begin to AWAKEN together and change the world!


About divineimpacts

In my quest of to seek, find and act on my purpose on this earth, I have uncovered a passion to inspire and encourage others to seek out God's will in their lives. From my own experiences I have found that many out there are seeking evidence of God's existence; that evidence exists in our stories and our testimonies; our own examples of God's Divine Impact in our lives; we need only share! This ministry gives a place for both the seeker and those blessed enough to have experienced a divine impact to come together; and the miracle can continue!
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6 Responses to Are We Awake?

  1. As thye parent of a 15 year old and a 10 year old I can honestly say they are my greatest source of inspiration for my coaching challenges.

    • Thanks for sharing. I agree; I have told my wife that its God’s sign to me that I have more growing up to do everytime he blessed us with another child…lol…getting the message! Have a SUPER day!

  2. Great post! Thanks.. I confess the snooze button wins over awakening to purpose some days! It’s recognising that my purpose is important and not about me. I have to get out of my own way and be willing to deliver!

    • Thanks for sharing and the honesty…It is hard sometimes to not get caught up internally BUT things such as thsi blog challenge which connects us with other liked minded people sure helps! Thanks for the comment. Please feel free to check out my website and throw a LIKE our way; sure would appreciate it! 🙂

  3. Awakening “Consiously” is a choice we can also make daily. Being more aware of that voice within is key to our daily success.

    • I agree Mark; I find that I am actually attempting to challenge myself throughout the day; hour by hour, sometimes minute by minute. The important thing is being aware of the important of being “awake” and strive for it! THANKS FOR THE POST!

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