Finding Peace in Balance

BalanceHow easy it is for us, through our own decisions and actions, to take our lives out of balance. It can almost happen without much effort. But the results of that imbalance can take us into a downward spiral, which if not addressed can turn our lives of meaning and purpose into one of confusion and darkness. Sadly enough, in an effort to take the path of least resistance as most of us do, we enter into a state of deception convincing ourselves that things are not so bad in our lives or in the world. Our lives are better than most and things outside of our homes are not our problems. We turn our attention away from areas of concern we should be focusing on further taking us out of balance, not only with ourselves but with the rest of humanity.

In scripture, Proverbs 11:1 states “A false balance is an abomination to the Lord, but a just weight is His delight”. Since we are not only physical beings but spiritual beings as well, this necessity to have balance of mind, body and spirit calls at us from our inner core. Without it, we struggle in all areas of lives; our relationships, our physical health, our finances; the list goes on. There is no peace to be found. The great thing is it doesn’t have to stay that way. True peace and balance is within our grasp!

Turning 45 this summer, which I am calling “halftime”, I have really been doing a lot of reflecting and taking inventory on my life as a whole up to this point. The one thing I have concluded is that there have been some major chunks of time where I remained out of balance; WAY out of balance! There were moments when I was young and felt good health wise, I abused my body in ways that would now kill me, yet I had convinced myself it was fine; no harm being done. Other moments when I felt like my relationships were in check and going well, I see now looking back how in most cases I was very self-centered being more of a taker than a giver. In my business, on a quest for success, many times I gauged my level of accomplishment by the wrong things such as how much money I made, how much recognition I received and my ego engulfed me. Now don’t get me wrong; there is nothing wrong with being successful, enjoying your life and your relationships but your life will never truly meet its potential without balance; without striving on a daily basis to learn more, grow more, give more, be more and love more! And those things are impossible without Christ!

If you feel right now in your life that you are lacking balance, might I make a few suggestions. For starters, work on yourself from the inside out. Far too often we address the problems from the outside in whether it be an extra job to fix our financial struggle, a gym membership to work on our physical health, a dozen roses sent to the spouse to repair things from an argument; and while all those things in and of themselves are good, we still tend to not address the real issue; that being an imbalance within of spirit and of relationship with Our Maker! Focus on what is truly important; becoming the person God created you to be; align your priorities God, Family and others and seek daily God’s will for your life. If you do these simple things focusing on one day at a time; Christ will give you the strength, vision and clarity you need to make the right decisions, do the right things and move yourself into that balance He wants for you!


About divineimpacts

In my quest of to seek, find and act on my purpose on this earth, I have uncovered a passion to inspire and encourage others to seek out God's will in their lives. From my own experiences I have found that many out there are seeking evidence of God's existence; that evidence exists in our stories and our testimonies; our own examples of God's Divine Impact in our lives; we need only share! This ministry gives a place for both the seeker and those blessed enough to have experienced a divine impact to come together; and the miracle can continue!
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8 Responses to Finding Peace in Balance

  1. Sometimes I think striving for ‘balance’ is setting ourselves up for ‘failure’. I believe we live in a total state of flux, ebb and flow. It’s more about finding equilibrium. Scripture is always there to guide us and keep our appetites in check, allowing for a smoother path!

    • Awesome perspective. I agree. The scripture I used states just that; we are expected to have some weight on our shoulders; to work through struggles because in the end we come out stronger! Its identifying those tough times as blessed times WHILE they are happening! Thanks for the post. 🙂

  2. I’ve done all you said…without Christ. I care about divine will, but I’m not Christian. I think it’s not really right to claim there is only one way to G-d.

    • Totally understand and respect your view; I’ve learn from my experience in 12 step programs that many people are not Christian and/or with belief in God. But total peace and balance comes from belief in a higher power; my choice is Christ. Yours may be not be God or Christ and I respect that. My hopes are that you have something, outside yourself that you can believe in, have faith in and turn to for strength. If you have that then I am happy for you and you have something most people are searching for; And its those people I hope to inspire. Those that believe in nothing. Thanks for the thoughts! 🙂

  3. Donovan says:

    Hey Jeff,
    I like what you have put together with your passion and heart. I also have loads of respect for your ability to embrace feedback that isn’t in line with your views. Take care, friend!


    • Thanks Donovan. I suppose I have come to a place in my life where I realize I will never get everyone to see things as I see them and in turn I want to respect their views assuming they don’t go completing against my morals or values; but most importantly I have arrived to a place in my life where I am no longer willing to compromise my beliefs nor am I will not to share them if I believe they could help even one other person. If someone doesn’t agree with me and wants to tell me, I will except the opinion as a fellow human being and say God Bless Them; even if they are not a believer! 🙂

  4. Love what you’re up to here. This is great info and love the conversations on your posts! Very insightful and thought-provoking. Thank you!

    • Thanks so much; literally my 4 day at writing. I am a total newbie to network marketing, blogs, etc. but I am at a point in my life where I am chooding to act on divine inspiration. Would appreciate you checking out my site and possibly clicking a LIKE to get this rookie off the ground! THANKS! 🙂

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