It’s a New Year! Let’s Do Something!

It’s incredible how fast the years continue to fly by! It’s almost human nature to take a moment each new year to reflect on the past year, and our entire life for that matter. In doing so most times we discover areas that we feel we need improvement or discipline in and we make a “resolution” to take action! We have great intentions and sometimes we have limited success; but for most of us its not long before we are right back to the same routine, same bad habits and BAM, December 31st is here again! Another year passes and we find ourselves “stuck” is this vicious cycle of broken personal promises and asking ourselves is change even possible? I have good news for you; it is possible, in Christ!

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come. (2 Corinthians 5:17)

Typically we miss out on the most important part in our quest for personal renewal; turning to our Maker for strength, vision and guidance! I know I personally spent the better part of my life following MY ideas of who I needed to become; depending on MY plans and MY strength to produce the results to achieve MY purpose. Eventually, with any luck, we wake up from the self-centered life full of pride and ego we have gotten caught up in and begin searching for another way. We realize there must be more and there is; our purpose and God’s will for us far exceeds anything we could possibly imagine on our own. But in order to have that will revealed to us, we must enter into relationship with the One who is the architect of all! He will provide you the vision, the ideas, the strength and the resources you need to become all He created you to be!

The main focus going forward once we realize and accept this is to not be overwhelmed by what we perceive as being unrealistic goals or time frames. Don’t look at all the changes you will need to make; all the responsibility you feel you will be undertaking; don’t listen to the thoughts that will pop in your mind of past failures; others telling you that you are crazy. The trick is simple; TAKE IT ONE DAY AT A TIME! Any and all of us have the ability to focus and commit to acting, thinking and behaving a certain way for 24 hours! We need not get caught up in the past nor do we need to get worried and pressured about the future. The time is NOW; live in the PRESENT and do your best for just one day. When you wake up tomorrow you can do it again; and again; and again! Before you know it it’s December 31st and you are looking back at a new you; a person with balance and a person who is IN relationship with Christ! What an incredible feeling!

In closing, remember that your “one day at a time” needs to start and finish with you turning to Christ for an understanding of His will! The first thing you should do when you open your eyes and the last thing when you call it a day is to turn to Christ with thanks and praise; and continuously ask Him throughout the day, “Your Will Be Done”!


About divineimpacts

In my quest of to seek, find and act on my purpose on this earth, I have uncovered a passion to inspire and encourage others to seek out God's will in their lives. From my own experiences I have found that many out there are seeking evidence of God's existence; that evidence exists in our stories and our testimonies; our own examples of God's Divine Impact in our lives; we need only share! This ministry gives a place for both the seeker and those blessed enough to have experienced a divine impact to come together; and the miracle can continue!
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